Unlimited Access
Maximum uptime guarantee

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Internet services

How We Work

We render unlimited Internet service through wireless communication. Internet access that can serve both VPN applications, cloud storage, video conferencing, Voice over IP telephone connection, with higher browsing speed.
Usually a proper site survey will be carried out first, and we give requirements to proceed with planning which will allow us to manage the deployment procedure effectively. The project implementation takes place in phases.Request for a quote to view all plans.


  • Establishing Internet connectivity from the company to the Internet at the speed range of 5Mbps - 50Mbps depending on customer’s request.
  • Unfiltered access to the Internet is guaranteed without ISP firewall blocking websites.
  • Assigning dedicated public static IP address, which could be used for CCTV remote viewing on phones, tablets or Laptops.
  • Stable Internet connection: Up to 98% maximum uptime is guaranteed.
  • Symmetrical upload and download speed.
  • High speed and reliability for real-time application.
  • ISP has direct connection to international bodies.
  • 24 hours technical support.

Why Us


The service will be given to you at an affordable rate and also there is room for negotiation.


24/7 support service will be carried out after establishing the connection.


98% Maximum uptime and little or no downtime.


Maximum security is guarantee and will be establish .