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Going Digital???

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We feel it is very important to listen carefully to organisations, schools and clients wishes. After careful research, we discovered many organisations are willing to go digital in every field even in the educational sector, therefore we decided to take it as our own responsibility in acquiring standard and advance Web Applications that can serve and meet the technical requirements of every business. We have professional programmers that are ready for full deployment and at the same time provide you with the neccessary support.Our goal is to create a platform where the working force of every potential staffs will be reduced, at the same time creating an effective communication path between them and developing a medium where data can be held for a longer period of time, improving the ICT sector of every organisation.

    Deployment Process

  • Resource management and planning
  • Customization and editing
  • Presentation
  • Training
  • Plan storage and user management.
  • Choosing a suitable server and hosting plan, usually our virtual private server
  • Hosting
  • Testing
  • Risk remediation
  • Develop communcation
  • Obtain user feed back
  • Support & Backup

Our Products

Best for schools that wish to go complete digital and track all activities within and outside the school.Comprises of both parent, student, Admin, accountant and HR modules.Responsive on desktop and phones.
Smarter hospital solution for faster care delivery,Best of its kind.Comprises of both Doctor,Nurses, Laboratory,Phamarcy, Accountant, Receptionist module and lot more featues.Responsive on desktop and phones.
The loan management system is purposely design for loan servicing, accounting and Salesforce.Design with multi user interface.It keeps all records of outstanding loans,debt and lot more.
Barcode scanner & POS Compatible.Track all activities on sales,keep supply and demand records with a special and point of sales interface. Best of its kind.

The Hotel Management system is perfect for hotels that wish to track every activities including sales, it is designed to monitor all incoming and outgoing details of every lodging is incorporated with an accounting package that will enable the management to access all transaction at a click.

Best for companies that wish to conduct computer base aptitude test, and also for schools that wish to conduct exam training or CBT.